Body Shape RF

Body Shape RF

Body Shape – RF Quadro-Polar is used for Body Contouring, Skin Lifting, Cellulite Improvement and Skin Rejuvenation. All contribute to a better look and feel of the patient.

The combination of the BRF Technology with other innovations installed in the Body Shape provide us with amazing results at an affordable price.


Safe Treatments

system to avoid painful spikes due to low skin contact

Bi-Polar RF

For small delicate or facial treatment areas.


That enables the patient to stop the treatment in cases of discomfort.

Quadro-Polar RF

With a large treatment area, for exact and deep layer targeting.

Unlimited Handpiece Usage
Temperature Sensors

For real-time continuous monitoring of the skin's temperature with no need to stop every few seconds and measure it manually.

The Handpieces of the Body Shape RF

Quadro & Bi-Polar Applicators

Machine’s Applicators allow reaching a large treatment area, with precise, deep tissue targeting.

Spike elimination system

Additionally, the machine has the spike elimination system – RF energy is transmitted only when all of the electrodes touch the skin, to avoid painful spikes due to low skin contact. Active monitors the provided RF current more than 6 million times per second and once poor contact is identified – the current is reduced and the patient feels a pleasant smooth treatment without painful spikes, and makes the treatment much more pleasant for the patient. The body shape does not need any buttons in order to work – once it identifies touch in the patient’s skin – it will start working, making the treatment simple and easy for the therapist.


Fractional Micro-Needles

The machine has the unique built-in minimally invasive fractional applicator with 3 types of microneedles for effective and deep Skin Rejuvenation including Facial Wrinkle Removal. The tip has a 6X6 (36) non-insulated needle matrix, available in 3 different lengths: 0.5 mm, 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm. The tiny “holes” are triggering the skin to heat the “damage” by replacing cells and generating collagen fibers.

Spike elimination system

The Body Shape is programmed according to the therapist’s settings, the energy level provided during treatment is set to bring the treated tissue to an optimal temperature and maintain that temperature without requiring the therapist to monitor temperature manually. Active’s integrated temperature measuring device, incorporated in the Body Shape RF is a unique, highly accurate, Infra-Red Assembly that reads the temperature every tenth of a second (0.1S).

Fractionanl Handle

Skin Rejuvenation

Active’s devices offer incomparable efficiency in Facial Skin Rejuvenation treatments.The immediate effect, of the light energy emitted into the dermis, is to unwind the existing collagen bundles and induce the growth of new collagen fibers, resulting in the improvement of skin structure.


Body Contouring & Skin lifting

There are two types of fat, subcutaneous fat, which is under the skin and visceral fat, which surrounds the organs. Subcutaneous fat is the primary cause of a “pear” shaped body or gynoid fat distribution. It is well established that gynoid fat is less active metabolically. This is why reducing fat from the lower parts of the body is harder, demands long cardio sessions and many aerobic exercises as well – or using new technologies in order to treat the problem.


Cellulite Improvement

Cellulite can be seen in nearly 80% of all adult females, mainly on the legs, abdomen and pelvic areas. While lifestyle and nutrition do affect the amount of cellulite, they cannot prevent it from appearing.