Dr. Platon is a professional aesthetic device, employing the breakthrough Plasma Shower technology to apply cold (non-thermal) atmospheric plasma to the skin surface!

Dr. Platon Ultra Plasma

Cold plasma treatments by Dr Platon are effective for all the following aesthetic indications:

The Dr Platon non-thermal plasma is safe to the touch and has no ablation effect. Treatments by Dr Platon cause no pain or discomfort and require no down-time.  Aesthetic results are apparent after just 1-2 treatments.

Top Benefits


Super-effective Acne Treatment

For patients suffering from acne (including adult acne, papules and pustules), atmosphetic cold plasma is extremely effective in:

Skin Regeneration & Anti-Aging Impact

Cold plasma therapy is a powerful anti-aging treatment. The atmospheric plasma:

Boosting Absorption of Active Substances

Research shows that atmospheric plasma increases epidermal permeability, in the first 24 hours after treatment, by approximatelyl 24%.  Cold plasma treatment by Dr. Platon prior to insertion of active ingredients into the skin (e.g. by electroporation and inotophoresis (the Apollo Duet) will significantly increase the absorption, and therefore the impact, of these ingredients to the skin.

Relief for Problematic Irritated Skin

The oxidative stress of cold atmospheric plasma has an antioxidant impact on the skin immune system.  It reduces the damaging effect of chronic skin diseases - such as atopic dermatitis, eczema, and seborrhea - which manifest in inflamed, irritated, dehydrated and rough skin.

Anti-Inflammatory & Whitening Effect

Atopic oxygen in the atmospheric cold plasma has a whitening effect - it oxygenates the melanin in epidermal skin stains.  Cold plasma is especially effective for skin stains under which an inflammatory process takes place.  By reducing the inflammation, the plasma also  reduces the level of hemoglobin around the skin stain, thus reducing the blemish.


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