Spirit Laser

Spirit Laser

Laser Hair Removal

The Spirit is the first product utilizing the SPT-Laser method, a unique treatment protocol, developed by Active Optical Systems and offers a breakthrough in hair removal safety and efficiency.


Fast Treatments

10 Pulses per Second Full body – less than 30 Min

Fast ROI

Affordable, No consumables, low maintenance requirements.

Man & Women

Suitable for all Skin Types & Colors, amazing results.

Ice Handpiece

Deep Cooling for painless treatments

Safety Handpiece

Enabling precise operation and preventing unintentional activation in cases the treatment handpiece does not touch the patient's skin.

3 Wavelength

Gold standard 755,810,1064 nm. Safe on all skin types.


Hair Removal

The Spirit Trio is powered by Speed Pulse Technology (SPT), Active’s novel technology which includes fine tuning of diode laser capabilities and elevating them into a new level of efficiency. SPT, based on improved laser diodes, produces a beam of energy concentrated into high power short pulses. SPT exceptional results do not compromise on patients’ safety and comfort; it significantly reduces treatment time.