Blossom ultraNano

The Blossom ultraNano that estheticians can use to compete with microneedling with similar or better results!  This unit is legal to us in all 50 States.

Blossom ultraNano is the next generation skin rejuvenation device that replaces a microdermabrasion machine, a hydro-facial machine, traditional microneedling pens and a cosmetic LASER.

It fits in your purse and the introductory price is only $1995!  


The Blossom ultraNano, supports a range of services called Blossom Skin Specific Rejuvenation. It’s a fusion of technologies, techniques and ingredients for next generation anti-aging and skin rejuvenation.

Before and After 6 treatments.  Most protocols are 3 treatments to see great results

Blossom ultrasNano SSR features NON INVASIVE or MINIMALLY INVASIVE techniques for skin rejuvenation results that rival microneedling and LASER.

  • nanoDermabrasion intelligently evolved from good old fashioned microdermabrasion) – Gently exfoliates leaving cytokine receptors in place for activation with cytokines
  • nanoInfusion, the next generation NON INVASIVE technology for product infusion with acoustic waves intelligently evolved from “hydro-facial” type machines, (but without giant footprint and inflated price tag).
  • nanoChannel, the next generation MINIMALLY INVASIVE technology evolved from good old fashioned microneedling. A larger tip for faster treatment time, superior “stamp” technique, and adjustable depth!