Blossom Ultra – 4 machines in 1!

The Blossom Ultra Pen is like having 4 different machines in one small compact pen!  The Blossom Ultra can do:

  1.  ultraDermabrasion – with the elimination of the vacuum there is less irritation and the system leaves the cytokine receptors in place for growth factor topicals.
  2. ultaPolish – the unique tip produces greater skin manipulation that triggers fibroblasts, collagen and the rejuvenation cascade.  The Blossom only works at the stratum corneum making is safe for even estheticians to use in all 50 states.
  3. ultraRejuv – microchannels are created with acoustic waves rather than needles, exfoliates simultaneously, does not create thermal injury like lasers and has almost no downtime (makeup in less than 2 hours)
  4. ultraSurface – a full face peel and collagen remodeling with no thermal injury, resulting in less recovery and downtime.  No need for topical numbing agents.

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