ExoGiov® Professional Exosomes for Skin and Hair

LA EXO ExoGiov® Patented Bio-Pulsed Exosomes 

ExoGiov® helps with Anti-Aging, Firm and Repair Skin, Smooths out Fine Lines, Revitalizes and Strengthens Hair Roots. 

ExoGiov® has shown that it can increase the expression of type 1 Collagen by 389%, type 3 Collagen to 299% and Elastin to 390% in human skin fibroblasts.

ExoGiov® ingredient was a Top 5 finalist in the Estee Lauder competition in 2024 against 100 other companies.

Exosomes are derived from Chicken Egg, where the embryonic MSCs were isolated, cultured and processed with our Bio-Pulsed (patented) technology.  Exosomes are purified, isolated and then lyophilized. Our studies have shown they more effective than human exosomes.  ExoGiov® is stable at room temperature and requires no special refrigeration.

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